Here’s a quick vid clip that I put together (pardon the non-infringing soundtrack) of Randy Spangler riding the new Punchline trail in the  Croy Creek trail system.  John Kurtz & I flagged this trail out last fall and to see it built and become a reality has been extremely satisfying!  Randy Spangler was part of the IMBA Trail Solutions crew in charge of the build and was largely responsible for designing the super sweet features on the trail.


~ by ketchumgreg on June 30, 2011.

2 Responses to “Punchline”

  1. KG~
    Hey man, I did some sleuthing, looking at pics of your bike here on the blog, as I seem to recall you run some of your WTBs in reverse, when running on the rear. Low and behold, I do see you running some rear tires backwards.
    I picked up a Nano Race for the Cream Puff, have you had better success with this tire run in reverse on the rear? I imagine it gives a bit more bite on the climbs, just don’t know if it has any impact on general rolling speed. Also, have you run these without tubes? I using Stan’s and well…still challenged by a slow leak.
    Looking forward to yet another show down with Club Ride out there in Oregon!!
    Thanks, -Hamilton

    • Hey Hamilton-
      Sorry for the delay. My blog thingy has been sadly neglected as I’ve spent the last month absolutely swamped with work on a new trails website, two trail projects, and preparing courses for the XC National Championships.

      I generally run my rear tires “reversed”. I’m not sure how it affects rolling resistance, but my thought process is: the front wheel is used for braking and the rear wheel is used for acceleration. So, to me, it makes sense to run the tread patterns reversed. Whether or not it actually makes any difference, I have no idea!

      Sorry to have missed you at the Puff. I was in the midst of a work binge getting ready for Nationals. I will, hopefully, see you at Pierre’s Hole here in a couple of weeks though!


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