Heli Tour

Here’s a little video segment from a “one lift heli tour” trip a few weeks ago.  The trip was a birthday present for me (Thanks Reba!!).  The deal is that the heli takes you up and drops you off at a high point somewhere.  You spend the day backcountry touring and then ski down to a pickup location somewhere on the valley floor at the end of the day.

Having not had any significant snowfall for at least a month, I was really looking forward to flying in the bird, but not really looking forward to the ski conditions that I expected to find.  Bozo and Sun Valley Heli Ski wasted no time in showing me that my expectations were too low and that good snow always exists.


~ by ketchumgreg on February 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “Heli Tour”

  1. That sure looks like a blast!

    So much terrain in a fantastic winter landscape, so many things to explore & play on.
    Nice work on the vid, it’s long but has great tunes & tells a great story.

    Fun with friends in nature, well that’s just good living.

    • Thanks Dave! Yeah, i’m not very good at brevity in my videos. It’s mostly a selfish tendency to want to relive the whole day because it was all so much fun. It’s hard for me to edit things out and cut it down to something a bit more manageable for the average viewer!
      Fun with friends in nature is one of the best pursuits in life!

  2. jealous

    I had a heli trip in Whistler back in ’07. It was amazing.

    This winter has been pretty good. While I haven’t been out as much as you (about a dozen days) all but one day was fresh powder. Culminating with a foot of fresh last Friday for my birthday. Victory!

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