Happy Holidays ya’ll!!!  I’ve completely turned my back on keeping this little area of my life updated for the past couple of months.  That’ll change here very soon.  After the Holidays, things will get back to normal and I’ll start posting more regularly.  Until then, enjoy the season and be safe.  I’ll be skiing as much as humanly possible!  Speaking of skiing, lots of people are seeing fresh snow this week.  I read something on our local Avalanche Advisory yesterday that I thought was worth sharing:

If I could piece together all
The fallen snowflakes
I could build the perfect
Picture of God

Not the God of the
Church Nor man
But God as God must be
Crystal Perfection shot through a
Prism of Chaos a full spectrum
Of Love and Light so perfect
It appears crystalline white

If I could piece all
The snowflakes together
With all the human hearts
I could build the perfect
Picture of the perfect world
Crystalline Perfection

John E Milich



~ by ketchumgreg on December 26, 2010.

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