Deus – a.k.a. “Burro”

Deus the Burro

I’ve finished up my work, squeezed in a trail work session last evening, and completed the transition of Deus into a Burro.  I added a third bottle cage, second feedbag and a Bento box.  I also managed to strap my pump and a tube onto the seatpost as well.  Why do this?  Because when you ride a single speed, you have to stand up a lot.  For me, I hate having a lot of weight on my back when doing this.  It throws of my balance and increases the fatigue.  So…..instead, I do everything I can to make the bike carry the weight.

Now, I’m finishing up packing and hoping to get on the road in a couple of hours.  I’m super excited to experience the legendary Vapor Trail 125.  I hope my legs are sufficiently recovered from last weekend.  I’ve spent more time in the Colorado high country this year than I ever have.  I’ve grown quite fond of it and am looking forward to really experiencing another epic piece of it this weekend.

If you’re interested in following the race, I’ll be carrying a SPOT Tracking device which will ping up my location every few minutes via satellite.  If everything works correctly, you can watch the race in nearly realtime.  The link to it is here:



~ by ketchumgreg on September 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Deus – a.k.a. “Burro””

  1. Where did you get the mounts for the cage on the seatpost….have been searching for these for loooooong time.

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