Deus Rojo

Finally, the Deus is built.  Her formal name is Deus Rojo, but she’ll answer to “Deus.”  The last bits & pieces finally showed up, including the new super sexy XX headset from Cane Creek.  This headset takes a 49mm inside diameter headtube and allows the rider to run a tapered steerer tube fork.  Why 49mm?  I don’t know, but evidently that is a size that’s relatively easy for smaller custom frame builders to get their hands on and use without too much time and trouble.  I’m not sure why another certain headset maker isn’t doing this, but my guess is that they will be soon enough….

I took the Deus for it’s maiden voyage yesterday and knocked off the lunch ride (River Run to Warm Springs).  Two things that I was looking to “feel” in this frame were the difference in handling from the more compliant rear triangle, and the climbing efficiency from the stiffer front triangle and headtube configuration.  I’m not sure about the handling, but I could immediately feel the climbing efficiency.  In fact, I ran a relatively hard gear for the ride and was able to clean the toughest sections of the climb without trouble.  Of course, the perfectly tacky conditions resulting from the morning showers of rain didn’t hurt, but still!  From what I can tell in that one brief ride, this bike climbs like a scalded monkey on crack.

For now, I’ve had to say goodbye to the Deus for a few days.  I drove down to Boise last evening and have my physical agility test practice run for the Boise Fire Dept. today.  I don’t anticipate any problems, but still I’m a bit nervous.  The time to beat is 10:20 and the test is pass/fail.  Still, the competitive side of me wants to do it as quickly as I can and to not be the slowest.  We’ll see!

After that, I’m hitting the road down to Leadville, CO to crew for Reba in the Leadville 100 this weekend.  She’s been down there resting and getting the details dialed all week and I’m really looking forward to seeing her race.  In fact, I’m really looking forward to seeing the entire race from the sidelines!  After two 100 milers and two 50 milers in the last month, my legs are quite ready for a week off.



~ by ketchumgreg on August 11, 2010.

3 Responses to “Deus Rojo”

  1. Nice bike. I like.

    I’ll be in Crested Butte this weekend if you two are taking some time off on Sun or Mon. Let me know.

  2. your making my mouth water….I want one too!

  3. […] my body was just riding the bike by itself.  Personally, I think it was all the work of the Deus, who was out for her first race and was going to give it all she had whether I was down with that […]

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