I’m hitting the road now up to Butte, Montana for the Butte 100 on Saturday.  This week has been a bit of a whirlwind.  Last Saturday was the Galena Grinder which consists of 40+ miles of single track sweetness topped off with the sting of just over 7,ooo ft of climbing.  No joke, there are at least a half dozen different climbs in that course and to top it off, you get to do them twice.

Anyway, I showed up with absolutely no expectations and it was probably a good thing.  The gun went off and I knew pretty much right away that my legs weren’t so good.  I momentarily thought that I had somehow “lost time” and had somehow already done the race once earlier that morning.  Anyway, I settled in and decided to enjoy the day while trying not to suffer anymore than necessary.  I even managed to crash (more like “fall over” going 6 mph uphill) in the first two miles.  It just wasn’t going to be my day……

I did manage to have fun and really enjoyed riding with Mike Shane (one of my teammates) for a good part of the first lap.  Mikey went on to have a stellar day finishing second after he finally pulled away from me.  In the end, I came across the line as the 4th single speed at just under 4.5 hours.

This week has flown by and has been a mix of playing “plumber” and enjoying the Good Life 2010.  Dejay and Andrew hung around for a few days after the race and I proudly showed them one of our steeper climbs and more technical descents on Tuesday.  The Boundary Creek climb ascends almost 3,000 ft. in 4+ miles and is no easy effort.  The reward is a descent of the Big Casino Trail which drops over 3000+ in around 10 miles and has some of the steepest rock gardens filled with imbedded granite that you’ll find in Idaho.  I knew the ride wasn’t the best prep for Butte this weekend, but I didn’t really care.  It had rained the night before, the soil and trail were in exquisite condition, and having an “epic” (in the good way) with friends was far more important than being 5 minutes faster this weekend.  Smiles and laughs and hoots were all around as we hurled ourselves down one “game on” descent.  We did manage to shoot some vid and I’ll try to put together some highlights next week when I get back.

Oh, and “why was I playing plumber”?  Well, I installed a new kitchen faucet and repaired two toilets this week.  No, it wasn’t really fun and that’s about all I need to say about that .

For now, I’m headed out the door with three of the crew to go up to Butte Montana to race in the Butte 100 this weekend.  I’ll give you the skinny on that one when I get back.  Cheers!


~ by ketchumgreg on July 29, 2010.

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