Charity/fundraiser ride weekend

This past weekend Reba and I were the “celebrities” (I use that term loosely) in a mountain biking weekend getaway in the Sawtooth Valley that was an auction item as part of a fundraiser for the Blaine County Recreation District.  The weekend included a ride on Saturday, a night at a cabin in Fisher Creek with dinner/breakfast prepared to Don Shepler of Galena Lodge, and ended with another ride on Sunday.

Simply put, the weekend was a blast.  We met up with Kelly, Bob, Steve, and Justine and rode the Potato Mountain loop on Saturday and then did a lap on Fisher Creek on Sunday.  In between we had a few cocktails and a fabulous dinner (and breakfast) thanks to Don.

The best part was that we were able to raise $600 for the local rec. district that will go to maintain and improve recreational facilities here in our valley.  I was honored to be a part of the weekend and am thankful for the ability to be a part of the greater good.  Many thanks to Don, Kelly, Bob, Steve, and Justine for making the weekend so much fun!

The bikes lined up and ready to go.... ride in a place with views like this....

...and trails with 'fine' lines like this.


~ by ketchumgreg on July 20, 2010.

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