Thanks to Dicky for revealing the truth….

Today, I read something absolutely hilarious on Dicky’s blog.  Below, I will try to be a fraction as funny as Dicky in my lead in to his investigative reporting:

Last week at the Transylvania Epic there was one certain stage consisting of multiple mini-XC races.  One of these mini-XC sections contained a road crossing.  The crossing consisted of a small incline up to the road with a flat run-in.  We’d been advised that there was potential for “catching air” and, oddly, that one particular rider (Mark Weir) might be able to “gap” the road.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with these terms, “catching air” is when your tires leave the ground, and “gap” means to clear something (i.e. “gapping” the road would be to cross the road while in the air and not actually touch the road).  Get it?  Ok, good.

With the flat and straight approach to the road, I could see the incline that would serve as the “kicker” (this would be the part of the trail where one would take off from) and pedaled my one gear as hard as I could with rpm’s probably approaching 300 or so.  I boosted off the top of the kicker and am fairly certain that I almost got both tires to leave the ground simultaneously.  It was a rather disappointing result for all of the effort that I had put in.  Nonetheless, I patted myself on the back for my full commitment to the idea and continued on.

Later that evening, an odd photo showed up showing Mark Weir some 3 ft. or more in the air and well on his way to “gapping” the road.  I was dumbfounded as to how this could happen.  He must’ve been going 50 mph to get that much lift from a kicker with no real lip.  The man certainly has skills beyond belief, but really?

Since seeing that photo of Weir, I’ve been utterly dejected at my inability to get it up (the bike into the air, that is), despite my 100% commitment, compared to the effortless looking Weir flying through the air never to touch the pavement.

Evidently, Dicky felt the same way and had the perseverence (or at least an unlimited amount of free time with nothing better to do) to do some digging.  Shockingly to some, but not to me, here is what he discovered….

Dicky’s Digging Discovers Deception


~ by ketchumgreg on June 17, 2010.

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