Stage 7 & TSE recap

After a 24 hour epic of travel trying to get here, I’m finally back in Idaho.  I know I’m here (or at least not in PA) because, for the first time in 8 days, I don’t feel moistness in places that I wish were dry!

Anyway, the race ended on Saturday with Stage 7, which turned out to be a super fun 20-27 (no one is quite sure of the distance) mile rolling stage that started/ended right from the glorious Scout Camp.  There were two distinctly different crews lining up for this stage which divided themselves into “business in the front” and “party in the rear”.  With my sea turtle sized load of brews on my back, I joined the group in the rear and proceeded to kick off the festivities at 10:15.

For us Single Speeders, it was a parade.  We’d agreed that the finishing order would be the reverse of the GC and I agreed to be the mule and carry somewhere around 30 beers to get us through.

Dave didn’t get lost. Peter didn’t shed any tears of pain from his destroyed upper appendages (especially with a beer to keep one hand or the other cold at all times).  Dicky tried to attacked off the front as he had all week but kept overheating in his non-breathable cotton knock-offs of my super-dapper Club Ride Apparel.  Doug was very paternal in looking after everyone and reeling Dicky in.  Tanya took the stage win with a PBR strapped to her seatpost.

All in all the final stage was pretty great until Doug and Dicky decided that they could each take one step further up the podium if they were to take me out in one swift move just 3 feet from the finish line and thus DQ me from the race.

Fortunately for me, and NOT for them, I somehow managed to land on my feet and didn’t even get my dapper duds dirty.  Must have been the High Life enhanced reflexes.

After we all finally crossed the finish line, the party started (or continued).  The Rimmey Lodge crew had prepared well and were fully stocked with beverages of many sorts for the evening.  The week long education/entertainment from the WTB crew continued as we came up with brilliant things to do involving wrist rockets and a small ball of something that Ben had managed to show up with.

The party went on much longer than my memory was working, but I’m pretty sure we all had a real good time.

Thanks again to the entire TSE crew and all of the volunteers.  You guys hit a homerun with this one and I’m already looking forward to TSE 2011.


~ by ketchumgreg on June 8, 2010.

One Response to “Stage 7 & TSE recap”

  1. Congrats on the win.

    Those jerseys are rockin!!

    You really should list your sponsors on the right. I had to go find them on my own.

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