Transylvania Epic – Stage 3 “Moist Misery”

Today’s stage was 45 miles of mostly gravel roads through beautiful and historic Amish country.  The weather turned cloudy and wet with showers moving through for most of the day.  The race went off and my legs felt reasonably good albeit sore after the “crampfest” that was yesterday’s stage.

I felt good and decided to not hold back.  I went hard from the start and tried to not let up.  After the first section of single track, the race navigated through some very high speed and rolling terrain on gravel roads.  Luckily, it had rained overnight and the corners were tacky which made “high speed blind corners” a little more tolerable knowing that you weren’t going to go “skating” across the road into oncoming traffic.

The stage was a fast one, and I crossed the line somewhere around the 3:30 mark.  I managed to hang on for the stage win and also regained the top spot in the SS category pulling 14 minutes away from Doug, who was a minute in front of me and putting another 18 minutes of cushion on the Dickster.

After the stage, we ran into State College, visited a couple of shops, did laundry, came back to camp, had dinner, awards, and now, going to put the feet up and get some sleep.

I have a few pics as well if I can ever figure out how to upload them from this fancy new Mac….



~ by ketchumgreg on June 1, 2010.

One Response to “Transylvania Epic – Stage 3 “Moist Misery””

  1. Good job Greg! Sounds like a very convincing win today!

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