Spring has sprung….

Finally, after old-man winter tried for a few weeks to return, we now have some beautiful weather.  I’ve been working a ton, and trying to squeeze my riding in around it.  It’s been a challenge.

Last weekend I headed over to Portland with the crew from Club Ride Apparel to attend the Portland Bike Show.  This is the first year for the show and the response and enthusiasm of everyone, including the community, was great.  We rolled in on Friday and set up the booth.  This wasn’t just any booth.  This was a panelized, expandable, set up and take down in 5 minutes, strikingly beautiful piece of work created  by none other than Nate Galpin, the U.S. Snowboard team ripper who also seems to have quite the gift for creating beauty from steel.  (Nate also did the display counters and the sign in front of PowerHouse studio in Hailey).  Anyway, the booth went up in minutes, looked very “pro”, and we were all set for the weekend.

Saturday and Sunday the show went smoothly.   The response from the attendees was phenomenal and a few of them were adament in telling us that the Club Ride Apparel was the best stuff at the show!  From there, we hit the road Sunday night and drove straight through arriving here at home sometime @ 6 a.m. the next morning.  It was a long drive, but good to get it out of the way.  Mike was here for a couple of days and then hit the road to go down to Sea Otter for the weekend to network and grow the brand recognition a bit more.  Here’ s a video of Mike giving his “pitch” to the roving reporter from Bike Magazine:

Bike Magazine Interview

One of the highlights of last week was being offered the job of Wood River Valley Trails Coordinator.  The job entails taking care of BLM trails in the southern part of our valley and coordinating with the Forest Service for the trails in the northern part of our valley.  I am absolutely honored to have been offered the job considering the other highly qualified individuals who were also applying.  Right now, I am digging into my new role and thoroughly looking forward to the experience that I will gain and the opportunity to do something that directly impacts the quality of our recreation here in the Wood River Valley.  This is a job that I consider to be right in line with what I was already doing with the Wood River Bicycle Coalition and I look forward to developing the synergy between the two roles.

This past weekend, I headed down to Kimberly to check out some more of their new trail network.  A crew of 7 of us headed down yesterday morning and got in 4 solid hours of quality riding on some of the most entertaining trails I’ve seen in quite some time.  Everything was 100% single track and it was, at times, intense.  The trails are laid out so that you are always working on your handling skills.  There are no 30+ mph straight aways.  Instead, there are 8-10 mph sections that are full of twists, turns, and maneuvers that demand your attention.  Seriously, I had to stop chewing my gum because I needed that little bit of extra attention.  I was having fun trying to ride a bit above my comfort zone and push the limits of my traction on the descents.  Fortunately, I came away without a scratch, which doesn’t always happen, especially early in the year.

Beyond that, I did manage to get in some training time in the month of March and am looking forward to testing out my legs this weekend at the Whiskey 50, down in Prescott, AZ.  The Whiskey 50 is a 50 mile MTB race that, from what I hear, entails some pretty serious climbing and some very challenging sections of trail.  I’m looking forward to having a great day in the saddle and getting the miles in.  I’m sure the “desert dwellers” will be out in full force and it’s always hard to hang with them this time of year.  Nonetheless, it’ll be great to get down to the dry desert and sun and spend some time on the mountain bike.

I’ll let you know how it goes.  Cheers!


~ by ketchumgreg on April 19, 2010.

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