The New Ride!

Here it is!  Mike H. drove the the fully decked out CRA van back from Portland just a couple of days ago.  This thing is sweet!!  Seeing it really got me fired up for the coming season.  Half of the fun of racing is getting there (unless you’re flying!).  I’m looking forward to some good road trips with the team this summer and being part of the Club Ride crew.

The last couple weeks have been incredibly busy.  I’ve been working most waking moments trying to get my bearing straight and get things rolling with the Wood River Bicycle Coalition (WRBC).  Last week we had a very successful fundraiser in the showing of Race Across the Sky out at the Sun Valley Opera House theater.  The pre-party at the Elephant’s Perch was shoulder-to-shoulder packed, and the theater was nearly sold out.  Afterward, we had a pretty epic raffle that really had many people drooling.  The “rafflegasm” was a great end to an incredible evening.  Thank you to all of the sponsors of the event and “welcome” to the nearly 50 new members that joined WRBC that evening.

This month is going to be hectic.  I’m trying to put in a solid month of prep for the coming season and also have more work to do than seems humanly possible.  Wish me luck.  Thanks for checkin’ in!

S.K. – Happy bday tomorrow.  We miss your smile.


~ by ketchumgreg on March 5, 2010.

One Response to “The New Ride!”

  1. Hey Greg sounds like a fun new gig you got going! Best of luck!

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